About Us

The Latin Parish of St. Catherine at Bethlehem, which was named after the Virgin-Martyr of Alexandria and the patroness of philosophers, currently consists of 1,572 Christian Palestinian families. Under the auspice of the Parish, considerable number of religious, kids and social activities take place. These activities are performed through different bodies that are mainly correlated within the Parish. These are: the Third Order of St. Francis, Legio Mariae, the Pious Union of Christian Mothers, the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, the Antonian Charitable Society, Terra Sancta Boy Scout Group, St. Joseph Girl Scout Group, and the Catholic Action Club.

Our Mission

Due to the rigorous political and economic conditions in the Holy Land, considerable number of Christian families in Bethlehem had to immigrate seeking refuge from the political turbulence and economic recession. Authentic efforts have been invested towards the prevention and diminution of such a critical tendency. Thus, creating job opportunities, providing all types of assistance when needed and when available, enhancing all constituents and means of sustainability and perseverance became the adamantine target of the parish all throughout the past few years.

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