“Feast of St. Anna and St. Joachim”

Feast of Our Lady of Carmel – Bethlehem
July 19, 2022
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August 1, 2022

"Feast of St. Anna and St. Joachim"

The Saint Francis Youth - Bethlehem participated in the third preparatory Mass for the Feast of Saints Anna and Joachim, which was presided over by the parish priest and spiritual guide for the youth, Father Rami Asakrieh, the Franciscan, at the Church of Saint Hanna Monastery..
The youth members went to the monastery courtyards after the mass, where the social committee carried out recreational activities that strengthened their spirit of challenge, understanding and brotherly love.
Then the youth celebrated the twenty-three years since the ordination of the spiritual guide of the youth, Sister Anna Salwa Saeed..
With more service and constant giving.