Message from the Pastoral Council of the Parish

The gesture of help from the youth of Bethlehem on Palm Sunday
April 18, 2020
Meeting with the Patriarch
February 7, 2022

Sons of our beloved parish,

“I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.” With this certainty, we know that we are not left in the darkness of the world, but rather that we live in Christ Jesus, victorious over adversity and hardship, and over this epidemic that has spread across the world. This week, the Church celebrates the Holy Week and Easter, in the midst of stone and solitude, yet our church celebrates with joy and confidence the victory of its master Jesus Christ, who has become the door of salvation to us, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Therefore, we invite you with the Apostle of the Nations, Paul, to chant "Never be in them, but raise your need to God whenever you pray, pray and praise, for the peace of God that exceeds all perceptions preserves your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus" Rejoice and say again, rejoice every time "Come to you who are tired." Weigh the heavy loads and I will rest you. " In these heavy days, we invite you to walk with the Holy Spirit together, carrying the cross, please do "Do not be sad as there is no hope" for us to rise with Him. Every year, you is fine! Christ rose .. really rose ..
Pastoral council
Parish of Saint Katrina - Bethlehem