“On your land we walk and your word meditates”

Nativity Church
August 10, 2022
Camp in Jericho
August 19, 2022

Camp "On your land we walk and your word meditates" The Saint Francis Youth - Bethlehem set out in their camp for the university and working class

The first day began with a visit to three churches, the first of which was the Church of Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant in the village of Abu Ghosh, where the church official, Sister Claude Babon, explained the site and its importance. The spiritual guide for the youth, SisterAnna Salwa Saeed, also linked the church and talked to her about the Bible, and she read the part related to it. And then Emmaus Church in the Latrun Monastery, where the Gospel of Emmaus' disciples was interpreted.
They walked on foot to reach the church of St. Elias in the monastery of the Holocaust in the town of Daliyat al-Karmel, where the Carmelite monks were well received to stay in the corridors of the monastery. Where all of them cooperated with each other in a spirit of brotherly love in many stages of the camp from preparing food, holding recreational activities, and spiritual evenings in the courtyards of the monastery that increased our knowledge of ourselves and others.
On the second day, they went to Tiberias to visit three other churches to explain and learn about the events that took place in them. The first of them was the Church of the Beatitudes. Then to the Church of the Priority of Peter, where the Divine Liturgy, on the morning of Sunday, was presided over by the spiritual guide of the youth, Father Rami Asakrieh in the yards of the monastery. The last spiritual stop was a visit to Capernaum and St. Peter's Church
We thank God for our success throughout the days of camp and for the patronage of Saint Francis, our patron. We also thank the Carmelites for their kind reception.