Pilgrimage in the city of Jericho

A delegation from the management of the Terra Sancta Scout Troop
June 17, 2022
The Saint Francis youth
June 21, 2022

"Pilgrimage in the city of Jericho"

With the support of the papal mission, the youth of Saint Francis, in their middle and high school classes, went to Jericho on a religious, cultural, and recreational trip on Saturday, 18/6, where the trip began with a visit to the Hojla Monastery, the Baptism, the Church of the Good Shepherd, where the liturgy was held, in which Father Sandro spoke about the salt of the earth.
Then Gemmayzeh - Zakka Al-Ashar and Hisham's Palace were visited.
In religious places where the texts of the Bible were linked to those places, Father Sandro revered the dates of baptism, and people got acquainted with the cultural places also located in Jericho to know their history and they shared breakfast together.
The activity concluded at the Jericho Waves Resort, where the individuals enjoyed their time and ate lunch together.