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The Bethlehem Franciscan Boys Home inaugurates its new facilities
February 23, 2022
Women Project
September 5, 2020

We would really appreciate any help and participation, however small, towards this crucial project

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Bethlehem Parish took the lead to help the most in need Christian families of Bethlehem. One of our current plans that would serve as a critical sustainable solution to assist those families is having a well equipped facility organized and managed by the Parish to provide diverse individual and communal services. This facility is part of an old building belonging to the parish within the Church of the Nativity compound. The size of the building is suitable for planned services, located on ground floor and is accessible for seniors and people with special needs. Nevertheless, the premises is old and in urgent need for renovation. In this facility, we plan to provide humanitarian aid and development services including (but not limited to):
  • A clean space to store medical and food aid.
  • A social services centre aimed to accommodate the vast number of people needing help particularly with medicine, food, water & electricity bills, house rent, Oxygen Generating Machines for COVID-19 patients and medical hearing equipment, in addition to providing free medicine, the place will schedule a regular doctor visits to check on patients and conduct simple medical tests .
  • A capacity building and vocational training centre for young people to enhance entrepreneurship, job opportunities and promoting leadership and creativity.
  • A women empowerment centre to help them intellectually and practically in different fields such as pregnancy circle management, children raising, mitigation strategies regarding quotidian life pressures etc
  • A counseling, psychological and spiritual centre for couples to build up healthy, families who can withstand and deal with daily stresses.
  • A conference and lecturer center for important topics related to the needs of our Bethlehem People . Our conference center will be equipped with professional broadcasting equipments (which we already have) that will allow us to record and broadcast different conferences topics .
As a result of the above planned services, we anticipate that within one year period we will be able to benefit at least:
  • More than 500 patients, elderly and needy people will benefit from our medical social services.
  • 300 young men and women who will be well equipped to become expert youth community leaders.
  • 50 women of different ages and social backgrounds who will improve their wellbeing and develop their communication skills with their family members.
  • 30 young couples will gain the required family standards for stability and durability: spiritually, psychologically and financially.
  • 1000 persons of our people will attend and benefit from held conferences and lectures.
  • In order to guarantee the social long-term benefit the facility management will build partnerships with various local and international institutions and build synergies within programs in various fields. It is worth mentioning that the first support for facility will be given by the Custody of the Holy Land, especially targeting the Social Service Centre needs. The restoration of the facility will help us serve people who are in desperate financial and/ or medical need and provide them with a decent living in such difficult time. For your interest, we attach the estimate for the cost of rehabilitating the building as well as some photos.
    total cost: 35000 USD