“Reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible”

“How nice it is for brothers to gather together.”
June 15, 2022
A delegation from the management of the Terra Sancta Scout Troop
June 17, 2022

"Reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible"

Within the plan of "Reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible", some members of the Saint Francis Youth, a university and a working class, accompanied, on Sunday, June 12, the spiritual guide Sister Anna Salwa, to a visit to the city of Jerusalem. The focus of the visit was the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holy place where the Lord redeemed humanity.
That day was marked by fraternal moments, in which the atmosphere of joy and fun reigned, and thus achieved the goal, which is to strengthen fraternal and family relations between the members.
The visit concluded by congratulating the new deacon, George Haddad, of Francis, on the occasion of his diaconate ordination, which he celebrated at St. Catherine's Church, on Friday, June 10.