The gesture of help from the youth of Bethlehem on Palm Sunday

feast of mercy comes from deep inside to comfort the whole world
April 18, 2020
Message from the Pastoral Council of the Parish
April 18, 2020
On the last Sunday of Lent, the Christian churches that follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate Palm Sunday in Palestine and around the world. A very different celebration than usual this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For the children it was not possible to weave - as per tradition - the palm branches and not even go to church, which is closed to avoid new infections. For this reason, the young people of the "Bethlehem Youth Movement" organized a solidarity initiative for the inhabitants of the city, especially for those who are in a difficult situation.
Parish Priest - Latin Parish of Bethlehem
"Today is Palm Sunday and Holy Week begins, during which we remember the sufferings of Jesus Christ. We carry our cross behind Him. Our cross today is clearly visible in the difficult situation caused by the epidemic, the disease, the many expenses, the need for spite of this, some good initiatives have emerged from the youth, such as the distribution of food organized by the "Bethlehem Youth Movement".
The "Bethlehem Youth Movement" is a local youth association whose members belong to different Christian communities and come from all social, professional, cultural and intellectual levels. The unity of Bethlehem is the compass of the activities of this movement, which works with various institutions and works day and night to give courage to all the people within the city.
Bethlehem Youth Movement
"The idea came from a group of young people. It is an ecumenical project, which aims to create unity among the inhabitants of Bethlehem of the different Christian denominations. We must stand together and be strong, because this is the city of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have formed an "Emergency Committee" composed of 25 young people from the different communities, without exception. The members try to meet the needs of the population of the city during this dangerous epidemic."
Bethlehem Youth Movement
"During this period, and particularly during the month of March, we distributed 617 parcels, 250 of which were received from the Governorate of Bethlehem and the rest financed by businessmen, religious institutions and other supporters who believe in the vision of the Movement and its goal of service to the inhabitants, especially in this difficult situation."
In Palestine, 226 cases of Coronavirus have so far been registered. The olive branches were delivered with gloves and masks, but the young people wanted to replace the traditional celebration with this gesture of charity, greeting the people they met with the words "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"