The Latin parish of Bethlehem celebrated the Feast of All Saints

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April 18, 2020
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April 18, 2020
The Latin parish of Bethlehem celebrated the Feast of All Saints on Friday, 11/11/2019, in St. Francis Church. So the celebration began with an hour of prostration, reflections, and recitation of the Rosary of Divine Mercy, arranged by the Divine Mercy Group. It was followed by a ceremonial mass presided by Father Rami Asakria. During the sermon between Father Rami that holiness is the fulfilment of God’s work in our lives, and that we have God’s thought and the passions of Christ in every work we do. Each of us can be a saint from his position and work, since holiness has many forms, for the Virgin has the silence and contemplation, and St. Joseph has the obedience and care for the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, but what we lack is continuity. Holiness needs perseverance despite difficulties and pain The saints strived on the earth and sanctified their time for their own good and the good of others and their salvation to win the heavens. Father Rami also affirmed that there are a lot of actions that are in spite of their simplicity, but they are works that may reach the level of holiness, including that we help the poor, to forgive those who have sinned, to be patient with the pain, to cover up the faults of others, to fear God, to concede and to accommodate others between spouses And in this way, we fulfill God's will in our lives. The hour of prostration and mass covered various hymns of this celebration, led by Mary Musallam.