The Saint Francis youth

Pilgrimage in the city of Jericho
June 20, 2022
Summer Camp
June 24, 2022

"The Saint Francis youth met yesterday, Friday, June 17, in the Catholic Action Hall, with the new Franciscan deacon, George Haddad, where the title of the meeting was (How do I hear the voice of God in my life)."

The meeting began with the prayer of the youth, after which the many questions we think about in our daily lives were asked, including: Does God really speak to us? Can we really hear God's voice? We often doubt that we hear from God and recognize the ways God speaks to us.
In answer to these questions, Deacon George speaks of the ways God speaks to us through a skill that we learn by doing, which is hearing God's voice. There are common ways God speaks to us: * His word in the Bible. *Other people, God will often use other people, to try to reach us. Our circumstances, sometimes, the only way God can teach us something is to allow the circumstances in our lives to lead us to the thing we need to discover. * A still-small voice Most of the time God uses a small voice within us, to let us know when we are not on the right path.
The actual voice, sometimes we can "hear" something in our soul, sounds to us like it's actually audible. Or suddenly, you know you heard something.
We should pay attention to these occasions, because it is very likely, that God is trying to tell you something.
The meeting concluded with the deacon’s talk about his experience and the story of his discovery of the voice of God and his decision to follow it and dedicate himself to it.